Harley’s Halloween

The giant monster stomped… and stomped… and stomped… until all the buildings shattered around him…. The whole city collapsed. The girl was hiding under the rubble. Only then her mind went to her parents. She prayed for them, hoping they were alright when suddenly, the rubble above her was lifted. She stared at the monster’s red, angry eyes.


“BOO!” Harley suddenly jumped out.

Angela and Nana grasped each other’s bodies in surprise. Harley smiled in satisfaction as the cards around him fluttered down to the ground. The two girls stared up at him in fear. Nana’s face turned from shock to a scowl as she sat up from the log.

“You’re such a jerk, nya!” She swatted her bat-themed boomerang at him.

“Yeah!” Angela agreed behind her.

Harley laughed. He deflected the boomerang and turned around to skip back to his wizard hat. He put it back on, “You’re both such scardey-cats!”

Nana rolled her eyes, “Whatever! It’s not real anyway!”

He pushed the lining of his hat with one hand down and turned his head to look at her with an eye, “Oh? So that’s what you think?”

He slowly started walking towards her with a smirk, “Well I have proof that this tale isn’t at all fake. That is, if you dare to go on that dangerous adventure…”

Nana’s face turned into fear as Harley pushed her back.

“Ok, ok!” Angela finally got between the two of them and pushed Harley back, “Let’s stop this.”

“O-oh yeah?” Nana challenged, trying to pull a brave face, “Try me!”

“Guys…” The robot girl, dressed as a ragged doll pleaded.

“Alright then!” Harley challenged, “I’ll bring you to his house! He lives outside of town!”

“Yeah, ok,” Nana rolled her eyes, “I’m sure a big, giant, scary monster lives right out of town!”

“He does! Lesley told me!”

“If he does, I’ll give you all my Halloween candy, and if he doesn’t, you give me yours.”

“Fine!” Harley’s throat ached. He felt like was about to cry out of frustration. He knew that he wasn’t lying. And he was going to prove it!

Angela was hesitant. She was skeptical of going out of town. If the monster, even if there was a monster, did anything to them, there was no one that could help them. Nana and Harley, however, didn’t seem to be able to be swayed on their decisions. Knowing how stubborn both of them were, she might as well go with them and make sure they don’t get into serious trouble.

Harley led them off into a wooded area. The trees were naked. They, for some reason, have already shedded all their leaves although autumn hasn’t taken its leave yet. He was noticeably getting more and more uncomfortable, and so were the two girls.

“Um, maybe we should turn back…” Angela suggested quietly, looking up at the trees.

“Yeah! Your story is stupid anyways!” Nana nodded, her tone visibly scared.

Harley was also starting to think embarking on this seemingly hopeless journey was a bad decision, but he wasn’t about to give up his hard-earned candy.

They reached a stream. The water was shallow. Pebbles were half submerged in the fast running water. And over the stream, was a house.

Shabbled, with windows broken and wooden planks were bent out of shape. Harley felt a rush of relief. With a new found energy, he pattered and skipped across the stream.
“That’s the house!” He looked back with a smirk when he had crossed the stream, then continued his trot towards the structure.

Nana growled, but followed him, herself hoping that maybe that would be the house of some old woman. The last of the three whisper-called after them, but knowing how stubborn her two friends werem she chose her safest bet to be following and making sure they aren’t hurt.

As Harley got closer, he saw the door rattle. Startled, he puffed and hid at the side of the house. Nana and Angela followed suit. A figure came out of the door. His footsteps were heavy. The silhouette was large and bulky.

“That’s Minotaur!” Harley whispered excitely.

Angela heard the girl in front of her growl quitely, but Nana didn’t say anything. The three of them followed him, or rather, Harley, to the town.

“Why couldn’t we have taken this route?” Angela said, commenting on how short it was compared to the way Harley took, but the mage just rolled his eyes and shrugged.

Minotaur entered the town. At first everyone ignored him. Everyone was dressed up, so they must have thought that he just had a really well-made costume. However, he let out a loud roar, and started chasing the people that closest to him.

The whole crowd scattered like a herd of sheep from a wolf. Minotaur followed one of the crowds, but he was met with the wrath of vendors throwing their food at him. He gave up surpsingly quickly and was chased out the town.

“Well that was anti-climactic,” Nana commented.

Despite Angela’s pleas, Harley followed Minotaur to wherever he was going. The three found him sitting down in the middle of the forest.

“He looks sad, don’t you think?” Harley nudged Angela.

The robot girl shook her head and frowned, “Let’s go back, Harley. He’s dangerous.”
For once, Nana was on her side, “Yeah! We saw what he tried to do to the town!”

Harley was as stubborn as ever though. He broke free of Angela’s grips and marched towards where Minotaur was. Nana started to pull him back but Angela told her to wait. Although she definitely didn’t agree with whatever stupid course of action had decided to take, her curiosity got the best of her.

“Hey! You’re Minotaur right?” Harley said, rather boldly.

The beast looked up at him. Harley was ready to use his space escape any second. Minotaur stood up. He was easily twice the height of Harley. Instead of pounding him to a pulp like Harley had expected, Minotaur smiled.

“Trick or treat?” He said, like he wasn’t able to pronounce his words properly.

Then it came to Harley, “Did you just want to join the fun?”

The beast nodded happily. Harley looked back at his two friends. Angela revealed herself from the shadows of the trees, with Nana behind her.

“We’ll help you then!” She said, “I’m the embodiment of love after all!”

It took Minotaur some coaxing, but they finally convinced him that it would be alright. The townspeople were still on guard when they came back. The three leaders, Freya, Rafaela and Tigreal, were at the gate, discussing the situation.

When she saw the four of them approaching, Freya pulled up her sword, “Get away from the monster!”

Nana growled, “He’s not a monster! He just wants to go Trick or Treating with us!”

“Don’t be stubborn,” Tigreal cut in, “He’s a beast!”

“It doesn’t matter how he looks! He just wants to join in the fun!” Angela argued.

The three leaders looked at each other, than the angel stepped up, “I’m sure he wants to. But we’ll need to look after him.”

Angela could tell Freya was suspicious of Minotaur, and so were the townspeople, which they had every right to be. Minotaur, as obvious as it was, was not good as socializing. However, there were people nice enough to look past his flaws and teach him social ettiqutes.

Learning how to fit in in a world that you’ve been closed off to would take more than just one night, but with the help of others, the monster would be able to become a part of the town.

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