Trick and Trick

“What makes you think passing through a graveyard in the middle of the night is a good idea, Harley? Harloo? Harley-doodo-head?”
Nana asked loudly as she, Harley, and Lesley walked.

“Now, now, Nana, there’s no need for such words, right? Harley only wanted to cross take the shortcut so we all can arrive quickly!” Lesley reasoned.
Nana pouted and looked away, which made Harley sigh,
“Unfortunately, the shortcut is.. this graveyard, yes. I understand, Na, please bear with us.”

“Yeah, as long as i get the most candy at the mansion, it’s alright!” she said positively, but she was still angry.

“Let’s just pass this place quickly, okay?”
Harley and Lesley nodded.

The night went on, and they had wondered if they were late for the meeting at the mansion.. Heroes of Dawn would meet up and they would not fight for that time. Whether they are a warrior of darkness or a champion of light—or neither, they would be friends. Only for that evening.

The graveyard was silent, and empty.. and abandoned. Not a single soul was there except for them. Well, they didn’t expect anyone to be there though.
Soon enough, Nana got bored of the monotony.

“Don’t you think we need a little fun?” she asked, breaking the silent air.
Harley cocked his head at her, curious.
“I want pumpkin!”
“Hah? pumpkin? for you to eat?” Harley was actually confused.
“No! for decoration!”
“Oh, you mean like a halloween decoration?”
“Yes! Yes!”
Lesley watched over them interact quietly.
“No pumpkins in a graveyard, Nana. All around us are bones, dirt, and stones. Headstones.”

Nana grinned mischievously at the young mage, Harley, she said, “I am a witch, Harley.”
The cat-elf turned her head upward, downward, left, and right, seemingly looking for something.
Even Lesley was curious of what she was looking for,
“What is it, Nana?”

“Oh! I see a large pumpkin~!”

Then she ran off.
Harley was about to give chase, but Lesley put her arm in front of him,
“Stay put. She will return in a while. I’m certain of this.”
The young man stood still, looking far into the direction Nana disappeared.

Mere seconds later, there were.. laughter and glowing lights..? Both Harley and Lesley winced at the source of it. What could be there?
And then, Nana jumped out of a nearby brush, followed by the glowing lightsーwhich, upon looking at them clearly, were ghosts!
Literal floating blobs of ghosts!
Where the seven hells did she find them?

“Hey! You two! Loooook!” Nana waved at them.
She wanted them to take a closer look at her magical creations, but the mage and the sniper took a cautious step back instead..
Well, if they aren’t going to approach me, i guess i will approach them~
So Nana approached them, “Don’t be ssshyyyyy, here look, this one’s called Boo, and that is Baah!”
Nana pointed at a ghost in front of her, then to another on her right.
Harley let out a held-back scream when Boo dove close in front of his face, and Lesley was unprepared for a bunch of bats flying past her shoulder.

Nana grinned at their spooked reactions,
“Ah yes, this is my kind of party. A graveyard party!”

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