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The Blade Dancer


Fanny lies on the ground, bathing on a fresh pool of blood. She silently cusses under her breath.
“Crap,” She gasps. Fanny never really thought that someone could – or purposely would stop her from soaring through the skies. Of course, she knew it would happen – somehow, someone would stop her, and maybe this person would claim her throne as the strongest man standing.

‘It’s over. I lost.’ She thought it would be easy, but she never knew what was coming. After all, the land she’s laying in; is a land nothing normal steps foot on.

With all the strength she had left, she took one of her steel cables – desperately trying to get out of the hatch.
‘It didn’t reach…’ She bites her lower lip harshly until it bled.
It was indeed over, she knew that. She can’t walk properly, she could barely even stand. Tears started forming on the corner of her eyes.

‘No one would save me. No one can find me, it’s the end.’ She admits defeat. She was a tough one, she never thought she would cry inside the Land of Dawn, a mischievous heaven. She was pinned to the place, but she knew she didn’t belong anywhere close to a holy land.
“Well this is fine. I’ll live as a legend, though I never… thought I-it would end… L-like this.” Fanny murmurs in the air, trying to build a concrete line between her mind and her heart.

‘Liar. You predicted this.’ Her conscience’s voice echoes in her mind. She wasn’t crazy, no – it’s just that some minds work far different from the others.
She was crestfallen. Of all ways she could possibly stop breathing, it had to be from someone, no, something fast – too fast her orbs couldn’t follow, an unknown spirit lingering in the dark. It was a monster clouded with mist and horror, she was so scared to the point where she thought she was going insane with the murky environment that suddenly replaced the place she was in.

An unfamiliar voice spoke;
“You will never defeat me,”

“I want” a small voice huffs. “To fly.” she says with a blank expression on her face. The other kids have always wondered if she’s mental – probably born with brain disabilities; Why would a mere human wish to fly?
Despite the constant whispers that never seemed to stop, there were some people who were treacherous – much more than the other kids who mock the orange-haired girl’s dream. Though, one day the people suddenly disappeared.
“Hah, compunction?” She talks to herself. Probably why she’s being avoided too.
She didn’t really plan on knowing anymore. She was just glad that they stopped.

“When would you even stop?” A villager asks the older version of Fanny, the 13-year-old her. “Humans cannot fly, dear.” He gives her a look, greeting her efforts with derision.
“You really think I’d give up?” She gives the old man a scorned laughter.

“Finally!” For the first time in a decade, the woman’s eyes lit up. For sure, it was a childish dream; no one really taught her to give up – she just felt like doing what she always wished for.

Fanny’s green eyes shimmered while looking at the piece she crafted, a sword intertwined with a steel cable. She quickly grabs the sword, removing it from it’s sheath.
The first time she tried this piece was the most happiest time of her life, and she was eighteen, not seven, not thirteen. Eighteen – and she finally made it.
Thinking the long adventure was over, she throws out a cable, making sure it caught one of the stone walls nearby.
She failed, but it was fun. Fanny tried a couple more times, a hundred, a thousand, perhaps – just to get the cables perfect.

Surged back to reality, the 21-year old Blade Dancer snaps.
“There… We go. All 15 years of perfecting this stupid, childish dream – going to waste,” Tears didn’t really stop from streaming down her face.

She was wasting the last bits of her life from crying, just because the cable failed, just because she lost, just because she was a mere human, a being nothing compared to the other creatures.
One last tear drips from her eyes, the last blob of blood flowed out of her bleeding lips, her throat was dry. All the stupid reasons to quit living, but there was one dream – and that pushed her to go further.
Sadly the dream slowly turned into a nightmare. The Blade Dancer’s eyes slowly start to close, her mind thinks of something – for the last time, she hears her conscience.
Humans are frail.

With a groan, she tries to move her upper body. Her vision still blurred, her head light-weighed, her arms weak. She desperately tries to speak, but nothing comes out. Perhaps she needed more rest.
All she could see was a girl in red with a scythe taller and larger than anyone she could’ve met. Her face was really blurred, most likely Fanny’s eye-sight, it was twisted, for now, at least.
The silence fills the dark room until this girl decides to speak with a voice sweet yet seemed so deadly.
“It comes around, you know?” The girl speaks to her.
The injured woman cocks a brow at her.
Fanny hears a giggle from the girl, until she spoke once more;
“The second chance at life.”
With that, Fanny’s vision fades away again, drifting herself to the world where she could rest, just for a short while.

“So you’re alive?” He smirks. “Well it doesn’t matter. You will never defeat me, Look at you, filthy human, you couldn’t even lay a finger on me the last time.” He mocks Fanny while getting ready for his stance, secretly wishing she would put up a much greater fight.
“Watch me.” The woman dances in the sky for the second time seeing the enemy, on the second life the King of Light gave her.

Written By: BlueZero

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