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Sooner or Later


Ever since she was a child, she was always number one, but then he appeared; and took everything from her – without realizing it.
Related to Intertwined Fate Comic / Hanabi, Hayabusa – No pairings.

Stupid Hayabusa; Think he’s so good but he’s just another snot-nosed ugly bei-“

Hanabi murmurs underneath her breath. A superior hears her, giving her a questioning look.

She looks away, rolling her eyes without being seen, and muttering something before reaching out for the door knob.

Shit.” Her brows furrowed in frustration. What could possibly go wrong? Everything. A superior heard her, after all.
Hanabi wasn’t really mad at the shadow who’s always contradicting her skills; she was mad at the people who suddenly drifted their eyes on him.

It’s been a few years since he’s met the particular nemesis, all they did was literally sparring – everyday on a specific time setting. Of course they were both from different clans; still, Hayabusa was strong. Hanabi knew she was nothing compared to him. What could she do against a thousand shadows piercing her?

He was strong, not saying that she’s weak – but he was a man after all. On their previous traditions, men were always chosen. The Scarlet Sect, Hanabi’s Clan, was as good as Hayabusa’s; but they always seemed to be the second string.

Considering the fact that Hayabusa is one of the final survivors of their fallen sect., that was a major addition to him being chosen as the ‘Shadow’.

Hanabi didn’t want to tolerate that; but what could she do? She was just – a mere replacement.

Countless sparring nights passed, and it finally drifted into the final one.
Sweat pouring down from both of their faces, Hanabi still wide-eyed.
Why? She has taken the secret techniques of the clan, taught by the Supreme Grand-master – and that being said, no one would be close to beating her.

“What do you mean; you’re taking the title of the ‘Shadow’?” Hanabi asks, her brows furrowed, agitated, triggered.

“I’ll accept the title officially, tomorrow. I’m leaving to find the traitor of our sect,” He says, eyes drifting away from her’s.

She did not understand anything. Why would they choose Hayabusa, of all people?

“Oh, him.” Hanabi pauses. “The Shadow Betrayer? Heck, I can kill him with my eyes closed.” she adds, bragging.

“If only that were true.” He replies with his face plastered with a blank emotion.

That was it. She was going to take the traitor’s life, before Hayabusa could even find him. She’d prove to her clan that they’ve gotten the wrong ‘Shadow’.

She screams at Hayabusa’s disappearing figure along with his childhood friend, the inheriting heir of the Onmyouji, Kagura.

“I’ll take out the traitor before you even get the chance to do so,”
Hayabusa stops walking, he watches her in her not-so-usual composure.

“I can’t wait to see how you’d look like when I see you finally lose to me, and I swear to the Supreme Grand-master; I’ll wipe off that smug look on your stupid face!” She shouts on top of her lungs.

Behind Hayabusa’s mask is an undeniable share of annoyance towards her, because if it’s not-so-seemingly obvious; he would’ve been friends with her from the beginning, but the shadows, perhaps, tested them – and it turned out to be what they were now.

Fated enemies would sound nice,
“But that would only happen sooner or later.” Hanabi silently speaks to her self.
“Much later.”The Supreme Grand-master adds up.

And when is later?
It’s when one of them finally gets to kill the Shadow Betrayer, who ended a hundred lives – then another story will start.

Much later.” Hanabi repeats what her superior just said, agreeing to the fact that for now,

She and Hayabusa have intertwined fates – and when the time comes, finally going to be Fated Enemies.

Fated Enemies? Maybe, maybe not.


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