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Lesley is an aggressive one and Angela plays weak… But Angela is actually a sadist and binds Lesley to her strings…

Making Lesley beg for mercy but Angela enjoys it and tightens the string.

Lesley bleeds a little

Angela: so you do bleed.. *licks somewhere wet**

Lesley was so weaken and panting and gasping for air as the string runs down her body… Sweating and bleeding…
Lesley looking at Angela smirking at her while she suffers…

Lesley: pleas kill me now

Angela: the fun just started…
Lesley: (was in teary mode) Why are you doing this

Angela: I want a heart… And I wanna know what emotions are…
Angela: and as I have lived, humans tend to show emotions when in pain.
Lesley: but human emotions don’t work that way

*strings tightens and Angela’s hand is sliding on Lesley’s thigh.

Angela: (licks her lips) show me.

Angela bit her lip and felt the familiar tingle in the pit of her stomach as
she thought about the fun she liked to have with her dolls. She still
loved to dress them up, but she also liked to do things that most little
girls didn’t do with them – like tie them up. It was so much more exciting
and thrilling than playing house!

she just thought it was fun to tie up her dolls. She
even practiced a few times on herself, wrapping scarves around her wrists
and ankles just to see how it felt. It felt surprisingly good, and gave
her a little funny feeling in her stomach and between her legs.
She really feel the
restraint of the strings, unable to move her arms and legs. Lesley squeezed
her thighs together tightly as she tries to break free but it just worsen it… She looks at Lesley struggling, pulling on the strings, all to no avail. She squirmed
her hips around while being hang.. Sweat and blood dripping… This was getting intense.

On that the same room, Lesley is soaking wet and Angela is heating up… While someone was peeking on that room.. Unable to move… Not because she was terrified, but she was enjoying it…

Kagura was just wearing her silk kimono but she felt warm sensation from her body…
Feels like the sun was just on her back… Sweat was dripping bad while her eyes are fixed to the people inside.

She was so weakened. Sparks flew through her body. This was by far the most
thrilling and intense sensation her young body had ever experienced.

Thrills and tingles coursed from her core all throughout her
entire body to the ends of her limbs.

Lesley knew she was there, watching her. She was begging for help…
Kagura knew that Angela had tied her up, and now she couldn’t move, and
Angela was just standing there watching her squirm.

Suddenly Angela’s entire
young body tensed up in a wonderful seizure of focused, intense ecstasy
that shocked and thrilled her to her core. She gasped sharply as her body
tightened and then trembled as waves of wonderful bliss washed over her.

Panting and grasping for air as time goes by staring at the hopeless Lesley.
Lesley began to feel that the strings have loosen and she make a swift move to free herself from it as she sees Angela was on her knees getting weak…

Lesley stood on top of Angela, though weakened , she wears a devilish smile on her face.

Lesley: So, you’re just a human after all.

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