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Don’t Take Him Away



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I decided to hide in the bushes, this is to conceal my presence from the enemies wandering around the wilderness.
Tears flowing down through my cheeks, I’ve felt my wounds in pain. Groaning in despair, searching for help.

I knew that our team stands no chance against our enemies, We’re all weak. We’re all nothing but weaklings trying to achieve victory by using our own strategy, even though we haven’t won at least a single victory before.

“Nana….Na~Nana!” I opened my eyes to see my friend, Harley. I can feel his tears, landing on my chest. He holds the back of my head firmly, as he tries to comfort me. “H-Harley…” I uttered his name.
“W-Who…Who did this… To you!?” He stuttered, I can feel his rage overcoming his heart. I figured out that he’s mad.

I tried to keep my eyes open, until that very time, my sight is getting blurry, my eyelids are getting heavy. Seeing Harley disappearing, and hearing as how the screams of our team’s minions as they are being killed by our Enemies, I felt like I was no use. “H-Harley.. wait…” I tried to call his name, but he disappeared… Until, a bright light stroke my sight. I opened my eyes firmly, as I saw an Angelic Being, Holding her staff. I smiled… and uttered “Thank You, Rafaela.” She wields her staff upward.

“Healing Prayers!” As her energies gathered inside me, I’ve felt my wounds disappearing, I turned around to look for Harley.

“W-Wheres… Harley?” I asked.
“Sorry to say this, Nana… But Harley.. He.. He confronted Alucard…. Harley was taken away, but he was able to cut off Alucard’s blade.”
Upon hearing Rafaela uttering these words, my heart is torn apart.

‘H-Harley…’¬† I thought. He was one of my best friends by the first time we got here in the Land of Dawn.

I can see the memories flashing in my mind, from the first time we met… How we got here into this messy land… How we formed our team.. I’ve kept on crying.

Rafaela was trying to comfort me. By that time, I was furious, that my rage manipulated my body. Also. It is the first time I saw Rafaela afraid, looking at me with her eyes filled with Nervousness.

“N-Nana…. I-is that you..?” She stuttered. I picked up my boomerang and jumped off the bush. “N-NANA!” I heard Rafaela screaming as she reaches out her hand to me.

Ignoring the Heavenly Angel as she reaches out to me, I walked and walked until I reached the enemy’s wall. By that time, I turned side-ward, facing a girl wielding a scythe. She wears a red coat with a red hood, covering her head, only showing her blonde hair.

“N-Nana… D-Don’t tell me you’re going to…” My old friend, Ruby trying to reach out to me. Still, I could not manipulate myself.

I used my boomerang to smack the wall, allowing it to produce a huge explosive sound. It took the attention of my enemies. I felt Ruby’s eyes filled with rage and depression. I guess she figured out that Harley was taken away.

We both marched together to the Enemy’s Base, we met their tank. Half-Bull, Half-Man. It was carrying a huge hammer, ready to smack us down. I felt my hands, throwing the boomerang at it’s right arm.

I was frightened when I saw the Bull’s Hammer fell down beneath it, together with his right arm, cut off from his body. I can’t even imagine how much I’ve improved, only because of my uncontrolled anger trying to manipulate me. I turned around to see Ruby, sprinting, she was fast, that she caught the hybrid off-guard. She used her scythe to slice the Minotaur’s Head. Blood overflowing down through the Minotaur’s Chest, as it dropped its body in front of my eyes. The Bull’s head dropped off into its own pool of blood. Ruby approaches me, reached her hands to me, trying to help me get up.

I stood up and picked my boomerang. I saw Alucard, only using his fists…. My heart started to rage, as I felt very furious. The same happens to Ruby.

Alucard was with his allies… The Abyss Queen Alice… The Feared Argus… and the Fierce Karrie. As they marched, approaching us.

I called for Mr. Cat, as he uses his gigantic arm to pull them upward.. Ruby then drags them all together with her scythe, as I viciously stroke my Boomerang to the four of them. Seeing Ruby enraged with her Scythe, she slashes off every part of their bodies… I opened my eyes to see Ruby, covered with Blood.

“N-Nana…. Ruby!” We both turned around to see one of our friends; Harley.
Waving towards us. “H-Harley!”
I shouted happily as I approached him. He hugs me tightly.. “W-Where have you been..?” I tried to ask… “Don’t worry, I was safe.” As he lets go of his grasp,
I turned to his back, seeing his sister, Lesley, approaching us with her rifle. ‘”Nice to meet you, Nana.” She smiles at me happily.

I cried tears of joy, I felt Ruby’s presence approaching us. “Ruby,” Harley uttered. “Good to see you’re safe.” Ruby said, smiling.
“Hehehe” Harley rubs the back of his head, sticking out his tongue.
“So… We won..?” Harley asked confusedly. Curious about winning.

“Yes.” Ruby answered.

We all laughed with joy and happiness. I looked up at the blue, appealing sky, seeing Rafaela smiling down at us. She then disappears in the speed of light, along with the magnificent yellow clouds covering the atmosphere above.

From this point on, we’ll achieved victory by our own. Our team, our friendship – we’ll never be shattered.

Proofread by: BlueZero

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