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Sooner or Later

Ever since she was a child, she was always number one, but then he appeared; and took everything from her – without realizing it.
Related to Intertwined Fate Comic / Hanabi, Hayabusa – No pairings.

The Blade Dancer

Fanny lies on the ground, bathing on a fresh pool of blood. She silently cusses under her breath. “Crap,” She gasps. Fanny never really thought that someone could – or purposely would stop her from soaring through the skies. Of course, she knew it would happen – somehow, someone would stop her, and maybe this person would claim her throne as the strongest man standing. ‘It’s over. I...


Lesley is an aggressive one and Angela plays weak… But Angela is actually a sadist and binds Lesley to her strings… Making Lesley beg for mercy but Angela enjoys it and tightens the string. Lesley bleeds a little Angela: so you do bleed.. *licks somewhere wet** Lesley was so weaken and panting and gasping for air as the string runs down her body… Sweating and bleeding…...

The Song of the Swan Princess

Hi, I’m Layla. I studied at Dawn High for a Marksman Course and was a Junior Marksman, or Markswoman. I roomed with a girl named Odette. She likes to sing, but her main interest was opera. She also played as the Swan Princess.

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